Friday, June 27, 2014

I Am Alive and Well (Mega Post)

When life gets really busy, I tend to take care of those things necessary for my family's survival and well-being and little else.  I've been extremely busy, so I let my blog go.  I can't believe it's been nearly four months since I posted.  Here's a brief recap of what's been going on in my corner of the world along with some unrelated photos of the kiddos.

I spent the month of February trying to create some sort of routine since Phil started his new job at the end of January.  While he was in school, he was responsible for getting Heaven to school, starting or cooking dinner and picking Heaven up from school.  All of these tasks passed on to me which proved to be a bit challenging in the beginning.

My mother moved into her own apartment at the beginning of February so, I thought my stress level would be reduced immediately.  It wasn’t, and I may share more about that another time.

We finally settled into our new routine in March only to learn that Phil would be moving to a new office in April that is nearly an hour away.  (Same company.  One of their other locations.)  He knew that was a possibility, but what a bummer!

Also in March, Adrian had physical therapy three times a week for joint problems.  His therapy went well but didn’t totally relieve him of the issues he was having, so we’ll be making more visits to his orthopedic doctor.

April brought spring showers, lots of pollen and more change.  Phil settled into his new job nicely even though his commute went from 15 minutes round trip to an hour and 50 minutes.  Adrian started helping out more in the evening, and Phil took over Heaven’s bedtime routine.  There were days when Adrian ate cereal for breakfast, and Heaven ate a hot breakfast at school.  Adrian bought his lunch at school several times instead of packing one which made me cringe a little once I learned what he had eaten.  There were quite a few days we didn’t sit down to eat dinner until well after our usual 6:00 p.m. time.  In the very recent past, all this change would have stressed me out in the worst way.  Thankfully, my world didn't get shaken up enough to stress me out.  I quickly learned to be okay with it all.

In early April, my mother was admitted into the hospital with pneumonia.  She spent an entire month between ICU and IICU.  She went home carrying an extra 20 pounds (most of it fluid) and a ventilator to be used every night for the rest of her life.  These days she’s doing much better.

I celebrated my 40th birthday in May surrounded by family and friends.  My oldest son, Charles, and my sister, Juanita, even came all the way from Oklahoma to celebrate with me.  I had been looking forward to this birthday since I turned 37.  There was just something about making it to that number 40 that made me feel as if I had to celebrate it like I had hit the life lottery or something.  I am gratefully looking forward to whatever my 40’s has in store for me.

So far this month, we’ve been enjoying the summer and keeping an eye on the weather hoping we don’t get as much rain as last summer.  I want to go to the beach as much as possible.

We also celebrated my niece’s high school graduation and Heaven’s 6th birthday.  They both wanted Hello Kitty themed cakes.

That’s about it.  I’ll have a fitness post up soon, and I’m going to try to get back to blogging on a regular basis or at least try not to take four months off again.

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  1. Such a lot going on. Always happy to see you back in blog land, whenever it feels right to you. I'm running my photo scavenger hunt again this summer if you want to jump in as a way to get back to blogging.