Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Weigh In Wednesday

Soooo...I hopped on the scale this morning and realized my non-plan isn't working, and I really, really need a plan.


HW: 195
CW: 188.4 (-0.2)
GW: 135
H: 5'2"


I intended to do four workouts from Tone It Up but only did three with two being cardio.  Also, I only did about half the recommended number of reps. 


I haven't been eating a lot of crap, but I haven't been making the best choices for meals either.  Lately, it's been easier just to grab a sandwich than spend the extra time making a good salad.

The bottom line is I need to go back to the basics if I want to see real, lasting change.  Next week, I'll let you know what I've come up with.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


These days I'm...

Cooking...Chicken Tikka Masala.

Reading...White Jacket Required by Jenna Weber who blogs at Eat, Live, Run.

Wanting...more fuzzy socks.

Playing...Aaliyah and other oldies on Pandora.

Wishing...for a little warm weather. preparations.

Watching...the DVR'd pilot episode of State of Affairs.  I think I like it.

Smelling...stinky feet.  They're not mine, of course.

Feeling...cold, and it's not even winter yet.  Complaining about the weather will cease when we have 70° days again.

Sorting...through tons of old photos like the ones above taken of my children 11 and 12 years ago.

NaBloPoMo November 2014

Monday, November 17, 2014

Weekly Wishes #27

Happy Monday!  If you've been around a little while then you know that I love Mondays.  I know a few people who are irritated by that fact because they begin counting down to Friday at 8:00 on Monday morning.  I don't get them, and they don't get me.

I had an off weekend that ended with frayed nerves around 1:00 this morning.  I'll tell you about that soon, but for now it's time for Weekly Wishes with Melyssa at The Nectar Collective.

Last week’s wishes:

* Finalize Thanksgiving menu and make a grocery list - Finalize menu, yes. Make grocery list, negative.

* Purchase materials for our Thankful Tree - YesThere's a good chance I may change my mind about the type of branches I'm using.

* Cut out Thanksgiving photo props - Nope, I actually forgot about them until a couple days ago.

* Take walking shoes to work and walk during lunch the rest of the week - See, what happened was FREEZING outside.  I knew the weather was changing, but I wasn't ready to be out in it.  I used to walk almost 2 1/2 miles every day during my lunch break, and I would really like to get back to it.

This week’s wishes:

* Bake dinner rolls and freeze. I usually bake them the day before Thanksgiving.

* Do any Thanksgiving prep I can do in advance

* Cut out Thanksgiving photo props

* Take walking shoes to work and walk during lunch the rest of the week. I didn't take them today because it was raining pigs and cows.

The Nectar Collective

Friday, November 14, 2014

Friday's Letters

Dear Old Man Winter: Winter is still a little more than a month away, so can you dial back the cold about 15°.  A heater and fuzzy socks are fine for when I'm inside, but trying to stay warm outdoors is turning into a job.  I'm just not ready for it.  You understand, don't you?

Dear School Fall Festival Organizers: You did a fantastic job with everything!  Even though there were a hundred students there, it didn't seem crowded at all since you had a perfect place for everything.  Heaven especially loved the obstacle course, the sassy salon where her hair was painted pink and purple, and the dance party.  Thank you for the fun evening!

Dear Heaven:
I hope your team kicks butt tomorrow on the kickball field.  I'm sure you will have fun even if you don't win.

Dear Mom: I'm glad you're going to be surrounded by more family in Oklahoma, but I will miss you.

Dear Charles and Tonya: I'm proud of you both for taking care of business and making s*#t happen for you without being concerned about the opinion of others.

Dear Readers and Passers-by: Thanks for taking the time to stop in.  Have a great weekend!

With love,

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Thinking Out Loud

It's Thursday which means it is time for thinking out loud and lots of randomness with Amanda from Running with Spoons.

* My family always request the same dishes for Thanksgiving. Always.  While I can't do much about the main meal, I intend to get a little creative with the appetizers.

* I have a zoo membership and use it often enough to justify the cost.  I just bought a membership to our state museum.  It has a new planetarium, and I can't wait to go.  I haven't seen a show in a planetarium since my oldest children were in elementary school at least 15 years ago.

* I looked through hundreds of photos earlier to find a few for my dining room wall.   Looking through all those photos made me realize I don't use my camera nearly as much as I used to.  I used to take it everywhere.  I need to do that again.

* My bedroom is totally 100% clean.  My bedroom is rarely 100% clean.  Let's see how long that lasts.

* I enjoy washing dishes.  (Talk about random.)  I get most of my thinking done over a sink of bubbles.

* My iPad charger is toast.  Why don't accessories last as long as the device they're created for?!

Where do you do most of your thinking?  Do you enjoy washing dishes as much as I do?

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Weigh In Wednesday

Weigh In Wednesday

Hey guys!  You want to know who shouldn't have days off in the middle of the week because she forgets what day it is?  That would be moi.

I didn't weigh in this morning because I honestly didn't remember today was Wednesday until I was two hours into my work day.  That's a regular occurrence when I'm off at the beginning of the week.


I went to Tone It Up again for my workouts but only for two days.  In the next week, I'm going to increase my workouts to four days, and I'm going to walk during my lunch break.


I think I've been doing pretty well getting the nutrients I need without overdoing it on the little things I want.  I never have any issues getting enough fruits and vegetables, but I have to put more thought into what I'm eating to make sure I'm getting enough protein which is one of the reasons I want to make using my food journal a habit.

Non-scale Victory

I said no to dessert when Phil took me to dinner last week.  Here's what you should know about me and eating out.  I choose a restaurant based on the type of chocolate dessert they have.  For me to go out to dinner and say no to dessert is huge.